I am a German artist, born and raised in a small city near Berlin. I studied Architecture in Germany, worked and lived in England and Spain and travelled around the world before settling in Malaysia in 2016.

I studied Fine Art at the Equator College in Penang where I have graduated valedictorian.

I opened my own studio in March 2021 in Georgetown, Penang and am now working full time as an Artist.

Artist Statement

In my practice, I explore how emotions can be translated unto a canvas through figurative art and portraiture. My work is highly personal and reflects on emotions or trauma that i need to release into the world. I like to describe my work as little mirrors reflecting part of my being into the real world.

The urge to free myself of conventions and the norm of what beauty and health(mental or physical) is, expresses itself through my ever evolving body of art. Interpretation of emotions by means of producing artwork is one of my driving motivations and has followed me throughout my whole art journey. As much as this is my passion and the thought that drives me forward, it is also my biggest frustration and obsession. I love this juxtaposition, as there is always more to discover and explore.

In order to bring me closer to finishing an artwork, I let myself be guided by my intuition and what I perceive the painting to be requiring of me. I love watching the artwork grow through the application of new layers. It thrills me to to see how they disappear, change and grow. After completion, the old and unrefined still shines through, but only after closer inspection.

My main medium is oil on canvas or board as it allows me the most flexibility and freedom in creating. My style is characterised by the depths I create through a multitude of layers of paint as well as hard and visible brushstrokes. A strong contrast of clean and dirty colours as well as a reduced colour palette are also qualities of my work.

In the end, every artwork I produce is a piece of me that is forever trapped in its state, but on the contrary I am, in my human nature, forever evolving and moving forward in my explorations.


‘The Last Puff - Group Exhibition - Narrow Marrow - Malaysia - July 2019

‘Gerak - Movement‘ - Group Exhibition - Penang State Gallery - Feb 2019

‘An Exploration of Human Nature‘ - Duo Exhibition - Penang PAC - Nov 2018

‘Strokes of Youth Art‘ Group Exhibition - Malaysia - July 2018

‘After the Storm‘ Group Exhibition - A2 Galery - Malaysia - Nov 2018